Eclectus are my passion. They are beautiful, intelligent, engaging creatures. As a breeder of these parrots I feel, sadly, that the day will come eventually when they have no habitat left in the wild. As aviculturists, as the stewards of parrots in captivity, we have a duty to keep the species from extinction. I take this responsibility seriously. 

All of our Eclectus are pure subspecies. I keep primarily Vosmaeri eclectus, but breed some Solomon Islands also.  We are a small operation and are able to spend a lot of time socializing the babies we raise. They are all fully fledged and weaned onto a diet of brown rice, cooked beans, vegetables and fruit with a small addition of a dry food mix. 
Thank you for visiting and feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have.  - david 

I have been keeping and breeding eclectus for eleven years now. I've focused my efforts to two subspecies (Vosmaeri and Solomon Islands) and am currently only breeding pet birds that are out of their cages daily. It makes me happier to have tame birds with the run of the house rather than breeder parrots in flights. Personally I think that is a great way to keep birds if you live in a climate where they can be outside, but here in Indiana I just don't have the space to give them the room I'd like to. 

Vosmaeri are becoming very very scarce due to hybridizing. I am trying to keep some pure pairs producing in the US. 10 years ago they were common. Now they are almost impossible to find.  


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